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We employ Covered Calls and other basic, conservative option strategies to produce income. A CD pays 1% per year, it is our goal to earn a minimum of 1% a month. Many of our strategies earn 4% a month.

Although all Covered Calls have limited upside and unlimited downside,  the vast majority of our strategies prove to be successful and generate income.

However, If our stock heads south and breaches the break even point
we will install an Out of the Money long Put far out in time. The result is an absolute cap on the downside and a chance for unlimited upside..

Sample Covered Call you could receive in your email immediately after our execution.

12/13/16. Today we established a Covered Call with Resolute Energy Corp. (Symbol: REN)

Buy 100 shares @ $34.70.

Sell to Open 1 Call, strike $32, price $4.65, expires 1/20/17.

If REN closes above $32.00 at expiration our shares will be called away and we will net a profit of $195.00 or 6.5% in only 34 days.

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This is a display of private option trades designed for income.
We are providing a record of our trades in order to offer the investing
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new option investors and experienced option investors who wish to
save time searching for income strategies.

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​Our closed trades have a 96% success rate.

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